Samantha Hawley - A Girl That We Could All Learn A Lot From

When life give you lemons make lemonade! I totally believe that our lives are what we make them. Yesterday I had two back-to-back appointments cancel last minute. I understand that things happen in my clients' lives, but I was disappointed nonetheless.

Yesterday I just so happened to bring my new camera with me to work and my unplanned free time left me with a couple of hours to experiment. My chic coworker, Samantha Hawley, came to work looking very stylish so I asked if she would be my muse while she was in between clients. She obliged my request and I was thrilled with the results of our impromptu adventure and had to share them here with all of you! 

Sam happens to be one of my favorite human beings on this planet! She is genuine, quirky,  strong, compassionate, carefree, and edgy among many other amazing qualities. She has so many facets to her personality and I felt like I was able to capture several of them. 

One of my favorite things about Samantha is that she is so warm and friendly. You will never hear her say anything negative about anyone or anything. She is very upbeat, positive, and encouraging. Her clients love her because she is always smiling, laughing, and is never afraid to be herself.

Sam also has this effortless cool quality about her. Her style will remind you of an Urban Outfitters model and she is so striking you might think that maybe modeling was one of her prior jobs before pursuing her life as a cosmetologist.

Of course Samantha is totally unaware of her natural beauty. Even as I was taking these photos, I would show her the back of my camera and she would ask, "Is that really me?!?". She literally showed up to work looking exactly as she did in these photos. She didn't alter her makeup or change up her outfit, this is how this gorgeous girl arrived to to the workplace. I gushed about how cute she was all morning, yet until she saw these photos she didn't give her appearance a second thought.

Sam is also extremely talented in her craft. Not only does she have a great work ethic, but she has an undeniable gift when it comes to cutting, styling, and coloring hair. The photos she posts of her clients on her Instagram often look like the photos that everyone has pinned a thousand times on Pinterest. 

With her blithe disposition, this girl makes friends wherever she goes. She is always great for a laugh and she doesn't take herself too seriously. You never know what she will do next. She might break out in song, bust a dance move, or make the funniest facial expression ever just to make you smile.

Samantha is also a devout Christian. Her faith is one of the most important things in her life so she pours her heart into helping youth grow spiritually as well. She is very involved in her church because she is passionate about helping others find hope in Christ. Instead of focusing on herself, she is continually working to help others.

We could all learn so much from Sam. Life is too short to not be ourselves, and be true to what we are passionate about.

If you want to see more from Sam follow her on Instagram @samanthahawleyhair.

Photography by me; modeling by Samantha Hawley, my adorable coworker. Hair and makeup are all done by Sam; that's how this cute girl comes to work!