Makeup Heros

I can't help myself around it. Colors, textures, and even beautiful packaging seduce me. I'm always hunting for the next hero of my makeup kit. Whether working on set , on a bride, a client getting ready for an event, or just myself I'm excited to use my latest exciting products. 

Years ago I worked for Neiman Marcus in their beauty department. I had the opportunity to learn about many different brands of makeup, skincare and even fragrance. I loved that every few months each of the brands would send out someone to train us on the latest and greatest from their brand. We learned about the staple products, what special ingredients made them amazing, and what they were coming out with that was going to be the next 'it' product. It was always so much fun flashing around my latest lip color, gushing about the serum that was making my skin glow, and talking about why that certain mascaras made my lashes look like falsies. 

Makeup has always been a love of mine, and now I'm so excited to share all of my greatest finds with you! I hope that in reading this blog maybe you will find your own hero products that you have not tried before, maybe you'll see an interesting brand that you had not noticed before, or maybe you will see unique ways that I use these products to achieve something totally different than you thought was possible. 

Today I'm just going to start with the lip color that got me 'in'. I had been working with several different photographers doing hair for photo shoots, but it wasn't till last December that I finally had the opportunity to actually do hair AND makeup for a shoot. I had been a makeup artist for years and had the skills, but just had not had the opportunity to use my skills on a shoot. I was so excited to work with this amazing photographer, wardrobe stylist, and model. Molly, the model, was just beautiful. Her skin was basically perfect and she had stunning features.

We wanted an easygoing sort of look for a natural girl. I knew I had the perfect lip color, Mac's Viva Glam V. It made my day when the photographer saw my color choices and said that I had great instincts for color. This color is beautiful on just about everyone. It is that perfect color that doesn't look like you are trying too hard. If you are looking for that perfect color that you can wear everyday and not look too fussy, then this IS for you. This lipstick was my total hero that day. This is that color that you can always leave in your bag and it will almost always be perfect for any occasion. 

I totally believe that using this on set opened so many doors for me that I never even knew were possible. Since then, that photographer gave me the names of a few other awesome photographers to work with and my freelance makeup opportunities have just been growing ever since. 

How will this lip color inspire you?


Photography: Sara Davis

Wardrobe Styling: Sarah Keefe

Model: Molly Kucera of Scout Models

Hair and Makeup: Me