Some people are born to play music, others are born to teach, and a few are born to heal. I was born to be in the beauty industry. For as long as I can remember I have loved making women feel beautiful. I grew up always wanting to play with makeup and hair spray. I would drag my sisters and their friends into the bathroom for makeovers. Even in college I yearned for the opportunity to get behind a chair and wield a curling iron with a teasing comb.

      After I got out of college, I felt so lost. I had this fancy degree on paper, but wasn’t sure what I would do with it. I started by being an administrative assistant for a manufacturing company. I was good and efficient at my job, but something was missing. I quit that job and began a sales job at Burberry (I LOVE fashion too). A few months into working at Burberry I was recruited to work for Neiman Marcus in cosmetics. I was exhilarated! I was finally going to be working with makeup. Unfortunately, I was still unhappy in my job and realized that I wasn’t really changing lives but was rather pushing someone else’s sales agenda. My husband and I made the crazy decision for me to pursue a dream I had had since I was a young girl – I went off to cosmetology school! Once in cosmetology school, I realized that I was doing what I was born to do. Studying hair, makeup, and skin taught me more than just the technical skills to perform on women, it taught me how I can use these services to show women how beautiful they truly are. I finally held the power to give women confidence and to teach them to be self-accepting. 

 While some see the beauty industry as something for the vain, I see it as a way to transform lives. I truly believe that each woman is unique, both inward and outward, and I am so privileged to get to know each one that I work with. Women are often bombarded with images of tall, skinny supermodels and feel like they fall short of being beautiful. My goal is to show women how they don’t fall short of beauty instead they define it.

My goal is to share with women different tips and tricks so that every woman can feel beautiful in her own skin. Whether sharing with you a favorite beauty product, showing you how to use different tools, or demonstrating a unique technique, I hope you can learn something that will give you confident in your own beauty. 

I feel uniquely qualified because I have not only years of experience working with a wide variety of luxury beauty products from Neiman Marcus, but I also worked as a freelance artist with CK One Cosmetics which was sold exclusively at Ulta. While freelancing, I would often have free time to test and try out the competitive products at the store. Not only did I sell consumer cosmetics, but I also worked as a professional makeup artist using commercial products for the print and film industries. I have had my work as a makeup artist published, I worked on a television show, did makeup for a jewelry campaign, and much more. 

I currently sell Lip Sense as a distributor because I honestly fell in love with the product. Their liquid lipstick is completely unique to ANYTHING I have ever tried. Trust me, I've tried hundreds of different lipsticks and nothing is like it. I sell this because I think this stuff is honestly the best out there in the market. I'll be honest and tell you that I am not into direct sales or marketing. That has never been a business model that I have wanted to undertake. I have been propositioned by other direct sales companies before, but they had nothing that interested me. Truthfully it isn't how I would have sold this product. I think it limits its potential, HOWEVER everything else about the lipstick is pure magic. I am already one of those people that tells everyone I know about the latest and greatest so it made sense to sell this because I'm passionate about it. 

If you click my Shop link, it will take you to the Senegence website to place your order. As distributors, we aren't allowed to sell on our own websites, but instead must have online orders placed on their website. If you purchase by clicking on this link you are supporting me as an individual distributor. 

Even though I am technically a distributor for Senegence, I promise to always provide you with honest information about the products that I discuss or recommend. My goal is for YOU to feel not only educated about beauty, but to feel beautiful because of who you are, and all of the unique features that make you different.